Welcome to BIOWOL - the specialist for domestic organic natural products made from sheep's wool from Austrian sheep from controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT).



Domestic sheep's wool is currently underutilized in Austria. This wonderful natural material with its many great properties is hardly used and mostly discarded or used as insulation material. At the same time, cheap wool is imported from abroad, which was obtained with more than questionable practices (e.g. mulesing, large-scale spraying with pesticides, etc.). I want to counteract this situation and give our sheep's wool the value it deserves in my opinion.

I exclusively process Austrian sheep's wool from healthy living sheep from controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT) and create from it organic natural products that are in line with ecology and sustainability. Currently, I only work with local companies and place great value on animal and environmental protection from acquisition, processing, to packaging. My organic products are packaged in an environmentally conscious way, some of them are also available without packaging, with which I want to support the ZERO-WASTE movement.

With my project BIOWOL - Biowolle aus Österreich (Biowool from Austria), I was nominated for the Energy Globe Award 2019 and the riz up GENIUS Prize 2021.

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