Organic Garden

Organic fertilizer pellets made from Austrian organic sheep wool (kbT):
Untreated raw wool can be pelletized and pressed into fertilizer pellets. Our organic fertilizer pellets made from Austrian sheep wool from healthy living sheep in controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT) consist of 100% untreated sheep wool without any additives or chemicals. Our organic fertilizer pellets are certified with the "biologisch gärtnern" quality label. The "biologisch gärtnern" quality label distinguishes garden products that are environmentally friendly and biocompatible.


Sheep wool as a natural fertilizer offers many advantages:

  • ecological long-term fertilizer without foreign additives or chemicals
  • well-suited for organic farming
  • the pellets strongly expand in the soil and can absorb and sustainably store water up to 3.5 times their own weight
  • the soil is loosened and the soil structure is improved
  • snails do not like sheep wool
  • suitable for fruit trees, ornamental trees, vegetables as well as potted and decorative plants
  • contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and contributes to the improvement of acidic soils due to its pH value.
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